Man as Hunter
2013 Collectors Club Print
James L. Steg
Man as Hunter, 1962

The Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) is proud to present Man as Hunter, the 2013 Collectors Club print from a 1962 collagraph by James L. Steg (1922-2001). The limited edition of 300 was created at Marais Press in the Department of Visual Arts at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette under the supervision of Professors Brian Kelly and Jamie Baldridge exclusively for upper-level members of the CAC. The edition is an archival pigment print and is printed on 100% rag paper.

The late James L. “Jim” Steg was a master printmaker and sculptor working in a diversity of media. Steg, professor of art for 43 years at Newcomb College of Tulane University, explored many techniques in the field of printmaking and continued experimenting until his death. He pioneered unconventional media, such as Xerox prints altered with paint and chemicals. Among his innovations is the collagraph, a form of printmaking in which collaged materials are applied to a rigid backing such as cardboard or wood, inked, and then run through a press.

In an Associated American Artists exhibition catalog statement, Steg wrote about the process of making a collagraph: “... this method has given me a freedom of expression where my ideas are no longer constricted by time-consuming traditional techniques. The print has become as direct and fresh as a drawing or watercolor but with the richness of surface inherent in the intaglio print.”

James L. Steg was born in 1922 in Alexandria, Virginia, grew up in New York, and lived 51 years in New Orleans. He received a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Iowa. He was an Army veteran of World War II, serving in a camouflage unit during the D-Day Invasion of France. Steg was the subject of a 1978 retrospective exhibition at the New Orleans Museum of Art, Thirty Years of J. L. Steg: 1948-78, and more recently in 2010 at the Louisiana Art and Science Museum in Baton Rouge, Prints by James L. Steg. He has received numerous awards for his art, including the Charles Lea Prize from Philadelphia Print Club and being named a Printmaker Emeritus by the Southern Graphic Arts Council. His creativity and innovation lasted a lifetime, resulting in his works being included in collections of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian Institution, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the New York Public Library, the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, and the New Orleans Museum of Art.

This commemoration of Steg’s work was generously made possible by his widow, Frances Swigart Steg, who is also an artist.

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James L. Steg joins previous Collectors Club print artists Aaron Collier (‘12), Robert Tannen (‘11), Maxx Sizeler (’10), Skylar Fein (’09), Chris Jahncke (’08), Teresa Cole (’07), Debra Howell (’05), Raine Bedsole (’04), Joyce Harris Mayer (’03), Alan Gerson (’02), Luis Cruz Azaceta (’01), Wayne Amedee (’00), Cheryl Hayes (’99), Gerald Cannon (’98), Jan Gilbert (’97), B.F. Jonas (’96), Josephine Sacabo (’95), Doyle Gertjejensen (’94), Jacqueline Bishop (’93), Herbert Singleton (’92), Tina Girouard (’91), Robert Warrens (’90), Allison Stewart (’89), Sandra Russell Clark (’88), Douglas Bourgeois (’87), Richard Johnson (’86), George Dureau (’85), Patricia Whitty (’84), Emery Clark (’83), Robert Gordy (’82), and Ida Kohlmeyer (’81).

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