Jennifer Odem, Lacuna Study (detail)
2013 Silver Circle Sculpture
Jeff Becker
Leading the Waters

The Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) is proud to present Leading the Waters, the 2013 Silver Circle sculpture by Jeff Becker. The limited edition of 65 was created exclusively for upper-level members of the CAC using copper, Hydrocal, nylon, shellac, and feathers. The sculpture is wall-mounted.

Artist’s Statement
Leading the Waters is inspired by the loss of land and culture in South Louisiana—a continuing theme in my work. The bird navigating its boat, floating on an invisible sea, speaks to an ephemeral place, a journey of solitude in search of land. Through the diversion of the Mississippi River—through levees, and canals constructed by oil companies and shipping interests—salt water intrusion has decimated our wetlands. The Mississippi, which should be actively building land through the depositing of sediment, is now delivering it to the continental shelf in the Gulf. This, coupled with the natural subsidence of our land and the rising sea levels, has resulted in the daily loss of acres of land in our state. The irony in this sculpture is that we need to release the river, leading the waters back to heal and rebuild the land.

Jeff Becker is a sculptor, director, and designer based in New Orleans. He received his B.F.A. from Alfred University and an M.F.A. from The Ohio State University. He co-founded CRISUS, a performance group that specialized in site-specific performances that utilized innovative kinetic sets, sculpture, film, and machines. He has continued working in this way as an ensemble member of ArtSpot Productions creating site-specific, devised theater. Jeff has collaborated with several theater companies including San Francisco's award winning Cutting Ball Theater Company, Pan Pan Theatre in Ireland, Dah Teatar in Serbia, and Mondo Bizarro in New Orleans. He collaborated with choreographer Elizabeth Streb, developing “Ascension,” a 25-foot spinning ladder machine that was featured in Trafalgar Square during the London 2012 Summer Olympics. He is the cofounder of Catapult, a performance laboratory dedicated to nurturing design-driven performance.

Join the CAC at these membership levels to receive this limited edition sculpture:

Join the CAC at these membership levels and receive this limited edition print:
Silver Circle $1,000
President's Council          $5,000

Jeff Becker joins previous Silver Circle sculpture artists Jennifer Odem; John T. Scott (posthumous); Generic Art Solutions (G.A.S.); John Barnes, Jr.; Srdjan Loncar; Elizabeth Shannon; Stephen Paul Day; MaPô Kinnord-Payton; Mary Jane Parker; Martin Payton; Jeffrey Cook; Allison Stewart; Clifton Webb; Mitchell Gaudet; George Dunbar; Gene Koss; Winifred Ross; Christopher Maier; Arthur Silverman; Bernard Mattox; John T. Scott; Mignon Faget; and Lin Emery.