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This is an archive of information about a past exhibition. For an up to date list of events at the CAC please see our calendar.

Previously February 25, 2012 – September 23, 2012

EXPOSE: Parse Gallery, Staple Goods Collective, T-LOT

St. Joseph Street Windows
Curated by the Visual Arts Department

In tandem with Spaces: Antenna, The Front, Good Children Gallery, EXPOSE: Parse Gallery, Staple Goods Collective, T-LOT is on view in the three display windows on St. Joseph Street. These recently established, collectively organized gallery and studio spaces are located in various neighborhoods in New Orleans. All founded over the past two years, Parse Gallery, Staple Goods Collective, and T-LOT differ from Antenna, The Front, and Good Children Gallery in the fundamental fact that they operate not only as exhibition spaces, but also as sites for the creation of work through the studio spaces they maintain and operate.

The members of Parse Gallery, Staple Goods Collective, and T-LOT are presenting a collaboratively produced project as part of the Visual Arts department's EXPOSE series, which addresses the possibilities and limitations of site-specific endeavors. By employing this unique site for the presentation of work—considering its location, function, and potential for artistic experimentation—EXPOSE cultivates relationships locally, nationally, and internationally among contemporary artists, the public and the CAC. Responding to the unusual architecture of the windows, the members of these three collectives present projects that reflect the dynamics of shared space, their individual practices, as well as the galleries and studios they collectively run.

EXPOSE Artists:

Ricardo Barba, Thomasine Bartlett, Angela Berry, Hannah Chalew, Aaron Collier, William DePauw, Siobhan Feehan, Daniel Kelly IV, Stephen Kwok, Brett LaBauve, Natalie McLaurin, Anne C. Nelson, Laura Richens, Cynthia Scott, Andrew Shrock, Margot Walsh

The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts
Arts Council of New Orleans
Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation
Louisiana Division of the Arts
National Endowment for the Arts
Sydney & Walda Besthoff Foundation

Aimée & Mike Siegel
Dathel & Tommy Coleman

Arthur Roger Gallery
Barrios, Kingsdorf & Casteix, LLP
Callan Contemporary
Hunt Brothers of Louisiana, LLC
The Law Offices of Matt Greenbaum
LeMieux Galleries
Merrill Lynch